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what vancouver had a riot because of the stanley cup i thought canadians were peaceful??
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This picture of Tyler Seguin will always be perfect:imageThe fact that he shared his moms feelings about it will always be better:image

Friendly reminder that the poster is FAKE. I can’t remember what it actually said anymore but it did not say that.

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You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

I can’t believe I’m even more beautiful than I think I am this is incredible where’s my modeling contract

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my granddad just called me to tell me how big his cauliflowers are growing and it was so cute theyre “TWICE as big as the ones you get in the shop”


i told my granddad this post has 3,500 notes and he said ‘who are they? do i know them?’ he wanted me to list everyone and see if he knew anyone

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I read an article the other day that said, “if you drink every day you are an alcoholic.” Thank god I only drink every night

why do text posts these days sound like they are quotes from a 40 year old mother’s facebook


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if i had my licence the only thing i’d use it for is mcdonalds at 3am

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